Shakespeare in Love – Wedding Reading

16th century or 2018, or even 2080, Shakespeare’s words on love and marriage will always hold true. His words transcend across geography, culture, time, and language, beyond any barriers.

Shakespeare’s works are more popular at wedding reading venues than any other celebrated writers. Read on to know about the significance of ‘reading’ in the wedding functions and the reasons to prefer Shakespeare’s words more than anyone else.



What is Wedding Reading?

As the name suggests, wedding reading involves reading of religious or literary text at a wedding ceremony. Earlier people used to strictly stick to reading the Bible verses but the trend has changed now.

Nowadays people read everything from snippets from their favorite books to movie quotes that are dear to them or have significance in the couple’s life. The reading will be performed by a close friend or relative of either of the bride or groom. Usually, wedding features a single reading, but some couples prefer to have multiple readings.

The reading is supposed to be meaningful and relevant. It should give life-lessons to the couples and everyone gathered, to root their existence in love and togetherness.

What makes Shakespeare’s words special at weddings?

The main reason for the popularity of Shakespearean verses is the sheer beauty of the words. Shakespeare’s words drip of righteousness and ecstasy. By using rich words and the right combination of words and phrases, Shakespeare conjures a blissful image in the minds of readers. He wrote with impeccable fluidity and clarity of thought, rhythm, sound, and words that even make his complex works congenial.

“Love is not love

which alters when it alteration finds,

or bends with the remover to remove:

Oh, no! It is an ever-fixed mark”

When it comes to the topics of love and marriage, Shakespeare’s works are most quoted than any other poet or novelist. His words and works are so popular that everyone knows it and can relate to it.

“Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist

nor can it be hidden where it truly does”

When you read these lines, people will instantly discern that it is from Shakespeare and they are bound to listen and absorb it dearly.

The next core fact is that Shakespeare approached things in a pragmatic way, he was no hopeless romantic. His words on marriage and love were rational and practical.

“The course of true love never did run smooth”

This line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the classic example of ruthless pragmatism of Shakespeare. When the couple is starting a life together it is important to remind them that marriage is not always a smooth ride. Problems and differences could come your way and love blossoms when you tackle it together and by being there for each other.

Shakespeare offers a wide variety of reading materials, from different genres. You can find words that could suit the couple from the substantial Oeuvre of the Bard. You will never regret quoting and reading the verses of the great writer, for any wedding that you want to make special.

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Shakespeare in Love – Wedding Reading

16th century or 2018, or even 2080, Shakespeare’s words on love and marriage will always…