Tie The Knot in Mussoorie or Shimla

The tourism trends can change and many new destinations could be discovered and added to the tourism map of India, but still, places like Shimla and Mussoorie will always remain as the best spots to celebrate love. Nestled on the rolling hills of Himalaya, both the places have similar features to offer such as blanketing mist, snow-capped mountain, pleasant weather and an old-world charm.

The best time to get married is summer as it is more stable time, weather-wise. The sudden downpour or adverse weather conditions are less likely to crop up in summer than any other season. Also, the vacation season falls during monsoon so that your friends and families living in distant destinations could attend your wedding. Although the scorching heat dissolves all the other numerous advantages the summer has. There comes the significance of destination weddings and the blissful locations of Shimla and Mussoorie. You can have the perfect summer wedding in these destinations. Even an outdoor wedding could be easily arranged here; outdoor weddings in Shimla and Mussoorie are bound to look stunning, gorgeous than any extravagant halls or convention centers. You don’t have to spend much money on décor and ornamentation as the places look naturally enchanting.



If you are looking for a less-explored, less-crowded, and unique wedding destination nestled on the ravishing Himalayas, Mussoorie is the best bargain. The place is a splendid location for the outdoor wedding as it offers pleasing locations and the perfect weather.

The picturesque hill station is located in Dehradun District, in the state of Uttarakhand. Apart from the charm of the Himalayas and verdant greenery, the place also offers many attractive sites such as quaint Havelis and mansions, which could serve as venues for the wedding. Imagine being photographed in the graceful backdrop of Mussoorie’s scenery, it will look nothing short of a fairytale wedding. The heavenly Himalayan snow ranges such as the Doon Valley and Shiwalik ranges will bless your special moment, no matter wherever you arrange your wedding in Mussoorie.


Shimla celebrated as the quintessential honeymoon spot, is also an ideal wedding location. Shimla, the capital city, of Himachal Pradesh looks so good to be true. The captivating Green valley, lofty pine valleys, spell-binding foothills of the Himalayas, and so on, the list of perfect outdoor destinations in Shimla is never-ending.

Kalka Shimla Train

Contrary to its landscape and location, Shimla is a growing city, with all the advancements and facilities so that you can enjoy a luxurious wedding with the blessing of nature. There are many wedding halls and convention centers that can suit any budget in Shimla, hence, you have numerous options for an indoor wedding too. You can wish for any theme, from traditional to wild or royal and Shimla has the provisions to grant what you wish for.

Think out of the box; liberate yourselves from the concrete walls and same-old adornments. Set your special day in Mussoorie or Shimla and make it truly memorable !

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